Paper Reflections


Rhet Analysis

This project was very different from any that I have done before. Which means that this was very satisfying to finish. I liked how we had to pull the deeper emotional meanings from a poster that to some eyes is seen as just a 2d image on piece of paper. That being said I feel like I have achieved my goal in this project.  

Closing comments on photo essay

This project was very interesting to me. I am not going to lie at this beginning of this project it seemed like its was going to be a mountain of work, however as we did each part step by step it did not turn out that way.  This project was also very frustrating and enjoyable at the same time. On the one hand I had to retake pictures multiple times which was very annoying, and on the other hand it was very enjoyable to see the project blossom into a finished piece. I did in fact veer from my design plan. I did not add any comedy to my project because halfway through I realized that someones health is not a laughing matter. I did stay true to my purpose statement however because I believe that I have provided the public with a well formed work to improve their health through the day. All in all I would say that this project is a positive experience and in the future if presented with this option to display data or a point I will use this. 

Closing Comments on Research paper

This project was a ride I will tell you. I have never before in my life had to do research this way and when if I finished I had a real sense of accomplishment. Although I had a sense of accomplishment this paper really kicked me in the butt. This paper was mental exhausting for me as well. All in all however I would say this was a positive experience. 

Closing comments on Argument Synthesis

Never before has my teacher given me the research for a project before hand. Just from that one point I would say that this was an interesting experience. I really enjoyed this project as a researched based project. That being said however it was kind of difficult to find information about these subject because we could not very from the source of information you had given us. 

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